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Our Philosophy
What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

Ignite distinguishes itself from its competitors through our:

  • Global Network and Relationships. In today’s dynamic business environment, we have access to many investors who seek above average investment returns. We believe that the global markets are becoming more and more synergistic via the power of the internet and sophisticated trading platforms and we can access different markets for mutual benefit.
  • Specialized experience from hands- on management who are entrepreneurs themselves and therefore understand the needs of visionary clients. Our principals have often been in the same shoes of its clients and because of the intimate understanding of what is at stake and sense of pride of ownership, close partnerships are created between Ignite and its clients.
  • Integrity. We are highly conscious of the entrepreneur’s need to protect his or her vision and intellectual property. We do not divulge confidential information to third parties without specific consent. We respect and honor the management and shareholders’ needs and opinions. We are very interested in working with like minded businesses in order to propagate integrity.
  • We can advise and expand a company’s shareholder base if they are domiciled or trading in the US, Canada, Australasia or Europe. We have access to capital for foreign listed and publicly traded companies.
  • Our knowledge of and resources relating to the capital markets Listing process for companies becoming publicly or currently publicly traded in the US , Canada, UK, Australia, Berlin, Frankfurt or Hong Kong. We have the experience and the wherewithal to facilitate a Listing on any of the above Exchanges or to enable a foreign listed company to trade its stock in the US. Our network and relationships with US and foreign underwriters is unparalleled.
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