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Capital Raising

We are familiar with and have participated in a diverse range of financing structures including but not limited to senior and asset based and cash flow debt, mezzanine and convertible debt and common stock/ preferred equity. We provide advices in relation to the most efficient use of capital and have access to a substantial array of capital providers: accredited investors, full service investment banking firms, commercial banks, venture capital firms, fund managers, hedge funds, SBIC’s, offshore funds, PIPE funds, family offices and private equity sponsors. Transactions we have been involved both in the USA and offshore include LBO’s, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings of both private and public companies.

We advise in relation to the best method to become publically traded, either by IPO, reverse merger or S-1 and 20F Filers. We understand DTC eligibility and US capital markets requirements including OTC and  OTCQX, Nasdaq,  Euronext and ADR’s.

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