Our Team

Richard Van Gonda - CEO & Founder
Paula Georgina Paizes - Managing Director
Georgii Speakman - SVP Marketing
Dr Ajay K Agrawal - Managing Director, Europe


Advisory Board
Dr Ajay K Agrawal
Rolene Markson
Kjeld Thygesen
Dr Fredrik Verkroost

Richard Van Gonda
CEO & Founder


Richard GondaRichard Gonda is the founder and CEO. He has 20 years experience in capital formation as a venture capitalist, investor, investment banker and as an investor relations advisor. He has seed financed private companies, invested in public companies and has global experience in a diverse range of industries.

Richard was CEO and Co-Founder of Titan Resources, Inc. a New York based oil and gas publically traded company. He was instrumental in initiating the first wave of Chinese US public listings by engineering Gosun Communications’ entry into the US public markets in 2001.

Richard was one of the early members of Tech Coast Angels www.techcoastangels.com, a pre-eminent Angel investment group, a Board member of Junior Achievement of Southern California: www.jasocal.org and currently sits on the California Committee of the American Australian Association www.americanaustralian.org.

He was CEO of International Corporate Innovations, Inc. a technology and  resources advisory firm, CEO of Asea Limited a technology company and a corporate and criminal attorney and Barrister in Sydney, Australia for several years. Richard is fluent in French, German and reads Hebrew.

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